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Some comments from our competition and Cup observers regarding ITA 90 and 99:

"I even quite liked the Mascalzone Latino boat"
Russell Coutts
The Daily Sail
19 June 2007
"Mascalzone Latino showed again that their new boat is a good package"
Grant Dalton
The Telegraph
21 April 2007
"It's a different boat. Alinghi was on a design path before they won in 2003, and it seems the design path works. The second boat for Mascalzone Latino was the most similar in the challenger group, and that boat was really fast."
Hartwell Jordan
Mainsail Trimmer, Desafio Espanol
Sail Magazine
13 June 2007
"Mascalzone Latino has a nice boat, it's a nice package"
Brad Butterworth
Cup in Europe
11 April 2007
"Fascinating to study the design choices made by Mascalzone Latino designer Harry Dunning. Given enough breeze, his two high prismatic ACC creations ITA 90 and 99 looked utterly formidable."
Andrew Hurst
July 2007
"Personally, I like the mid to high prismatic boats. I think Mascalzone and Victory are very good designs..."
Paul Cayard
July 2007